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Gumption Ryan

DSC_1493A passionate outdoor enthusiast, parent and community leader, Ryan is high energy and despiser of boredom. From leisurely summer strolls through the Sierra to swimming across Lake Tahoe and snowshoeing through the back country, Ryan believes in leading an active lifestyle that both challenges and rewards the individual. A former professional water polo player in Australia’s National League, Ryan now brings his zeal for life and the great outdoors to the world of product reviews. His goal is not only to inspire others to get outdoors, but to ensure that fellow outdoor enthusiasts know what products to depend upon when letting their outdoor soul thrive!
Twitter: @GumptionGear
Instagram: @GumptionGear
Facebook: facebook.com/gogumption

Gumption Scott

New Balance As an accomplished triathlete, runner, and family man, Scott brings valuable insights and experiences to the Gumption Gear team. His specialties include running physiology and technique, nutrition counseling, and strength and conditioning programming for endurance performance. With a passion for the science of fitness, Scott has a rare talent to translate that science to easily understood concepts and practices. He’s also our go-to expert in the instance the Zombie Apocalypse arrives ahead of schedule.

Twitter: @gumptionscott
Instagram: @gumptiongear_scott

Gumption Jes

WoolXJes is a mountaineering junkie.  Addicted to the climb, she lives to spread the natural contagious high that is the great outdoors. After 15 years in professional sales consulting in the healthcare/medical device arena she resigned from her career on January 1st 2014.  That decision allowed her to give full pursuit to dreams of tackling the biggest summits life has to offer, teaching and informing the world of her personal transformation and inspiring people to get back to basics and get outdoors! Her do-it-all approach is a testament to Jes’ hard-earned outdoor savvy making her a valuable resource to our the Gumption Gear Review team.

Twitter: @jestheccc
Instagram: chronicclimberchick


Special Thanks…

Special thanks and appreciation to Aaron Bates for working with our team on the re-design of the Gumption Gear Review Logo. Aaron Bates is a commercial/nature photographer and graphic designer based in Austin, TX. He is also the Co-Founder of eFotoGuide.

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