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Update Without Regrets: Newton Running Motion III

posted by gumptiongear July 11, 2014 0 comments

Update without regrets: Newton Running Motion III

Runners can be a fastidious bunch, particularly when it comes to selecting a pair of running shoes. Once we find a favorite shoe, any changes, no matter how insignificant can leave die-hard fans asking “why” with some saying “good-bye” to their formerly favorite shoe. Thankfully, the latest update to the Newton Running Motion III performance stability trainer, loyal fans are simply asking “what took so long?”

On Performance and Design…
All new for 2014, the Motion III is an update to Newton’s popular Motion II stability performance shoe. Without missing a step, the design team at Newton Running incorporated a series of updates to the Motion series of running shoes improves performance without sacrificing the core feel of the Newton Running experience.

Update without regrets: Newton Running Motion III

The most notable updates include the addition of a 5th lug underfoot – which was added to Newton’s entire running line – and the extension of the medial bridge. Combined, these updates help improve performance and enhance the natural running feel of the Motion III.

Update without regrets: Newton Running Motion III

Newton’s fit dynamics continues to be spot on. Snug in the heel, supportive through the midfoot and room for your feet to splay at the forefoot, the Motion III feels more like an extension of your foot and less than just a running shoe.

Update without regrets: Newton Running Motion III

For those who have a tendency to overpronate or have flatter arches, Newton added some surface area underfoot by extending the medial bridge for added support and enhanced natural running.

Update without regrets: Newton Running Motion III

After years of the iconic 4-lug platform, Newton has increased the lug count to 5 without significantly altering the character of the shoe. For our run team, the new 5-lug configuration which extends the lugs – located under the metatarsal heads of the foot – from one edge of the sole to the other. Previously, we discussed the workings of Newton’s lugs in the EnergyNR and the Distance.

Update without regrets: Newton Running Motion III

For those of us residing in California’s Central Valley Basin, finding relief from the summer heat can be a daunting battle. This is especially for those who prefer to run during the day or into the early  evening. With it’s airy and breathable mesh upper, your feet remain cool and comfortable even when the asphalt underfoot is hot enough to cook an egg.

Notes from the Run…
After 350 grueling miles under the sizzling Central Valley sun and the back roads of the Sierras, the high-mileage performance trainers performed as expected, with gumption. Hitting their mark, the medial extension help to further minimize over pronation while the new lug configuration continued to provide the traditional Newton Running experience while being barely noticeable underfoot.

Bottom Line …
Update your Newtons without regrets. Loyal fans of Newton’s Motion series of performance stability shoes should be pleased with the updates in the Motion III.

*Gumption Gear Review received the items featured in this review from Newton Running at no cost and receives no monetary compensation for this or any related review. The items featured were provided solely in return for our honest views and opinions.

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