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Review: Topo Athletic Runduro

posted by gumptiongear January 16, 2015 0 comments


One day your run regimen releases the endorphins and gives you the time of your life, the next it’s the bane of your existence. Topo Athletic designed the Runduro Running Shoes so you can enjoy the better half of your sometimes fickle hobby/obsession.

On Performance and Design…
Whether it’s the multiplicity of those pre-sunrise runs or the last few training sessions at the end of a heavy mileage week, your run routine can take it’s toll. But the Runduro (available for men and women) is a light and rugged run shoe engineered to keep you running in steady comfort across medium and long distance runs.


Designed with a 3mm drop and mid-stack height platform (19mm in front and 22mm in the back) the Runduro offers natural load and force distribution during the gait cycle. It also offers greater awareness foot placement and balance so that every change made in step and stride is felt instantly. This allows you to make adjustments that will help improve your form over the course of longer runs.


Much like the Outdoor Oterro, the Runduro is a beautiful blend of lightweight design and impressive durability while still providing a comfortable ride. Topo Athletic ensured that the midsole feels light underfoot and flexes in line with the joints of your foot. Coupled with the 3mm drop the Runduro provides ample feedback from the road while following the anatomy of the human foot, minimizing any external influence from the shoe through your stride.

The other feature that makes the Runduro unique, is the addition of the Boa Closure system.  The boa cable replaces the traditional shoelaces allowing you to dial in a snug and secure fit that’s right on the money. Boa’s exceptionally durable and lightweight reels combine with aircraft grade stainless steel laces to provide smooth, powerful, uniform closure that releases just as quickly with a simply tug on the dial.

Topo Boa

Moreover, micro and on-the-fly adjustability ensure you’ll never again have a quality tempo run disturbed by your straggling shoelaces. Ironically one of the complaints that arose from our run team was that they didn’t have these shoes earlier when stops to knot up laces resulted in a missed PR.

Notes from the Road…
The design of the Rundero offers natural foot positioning, and a smooth transition through your stride. Admittedly the chunky outsole stoked some initial trepidation and did have our editor’s slightly split at the end of the review period.

The critique on the outsole reads more like a tale of two (or four) feet. One runner found the outsole to be slightly stiffer and less forgiving underfoot than other minimalist shoes. Our more speed oriented runner believed that on faster sub-6:00/mile runs, the outsole felt soft on toe-offs and offered a less responsive feel in speed work.

That being said, our team was in complete agreement on the durability of the outsole. Paired with the hearty traction underfoot you have a versatile running shoe that transitions from pavement to dirt and light snow with ease. Even better, every member of our run team loved how their feet felt after training sessions. No achy, weary foot muscles to tend too after knocking out long miles.

Bottom Line…
The Topo Athletic Runduro won’t make you a better runner. But it has the fit, feel and performance that will let you push your limits and strive for new goals… and that can definitely help make you a better runner.

*Gumption Gear Review received a product sample of the item featured in this review from Topo Athletic at no cost, and receives no monetary compensation for this or any related review. The item featured was provided solely in return for our honest views and opinions.

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