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Patagonia EVERmore Trail Running Shoe

posted by gumptiongear April 30, 2013 0 comments

There are times when our bodies simply crave the serene hush of the trail.  For those moments Patagonia offers the EVERmore Trail Running Shoe.  Light and nimble enough for short distances on smoother paths, yet rugged enough with ample foot protection to go the distance on rough terrain, the EVERmore provides an energetic kick on the trail.

On Performance and Design…
Patagonia covered all the basics of a trail-worthy shoe from the get-go: a breathable mesh upper handles the heat, an  EVERtough tacky rubber outsole to provide traction on loose trails, and there’s even a leather heel and toe bumper for additional protection.  Yet the real beauty of this shoe lies in the details, the little bits and pieces that prove the EVERmore was made not just by designers, but by people who live and breathe the outdoors life.

For a minimalist minded shoe, the EVERmore surprised our male and female testers with the level of support offered to trail hungry feet.  In part, the comfort stems from integrated non-removable 2mm footbeds that feature Dri-Lex® covers allowing you to wear the shoe either with or without socks.  Add in a dose of arch support and you’ve got a trail shoe that lets you focus on the panoramic views and lush mountain scenery, not the condition of your feet.

Patagonia EVERmore Trail Runner

A remarkably light weight  (9oz for men’s size 11) keeps you light on your feet and helps reduce fatigue on long runs.  For our gear squad, the shoe reportedly felt even lighter than the stated weight both out of the box, and on the trail.  Once you hit your stride you’ll notice the EVERmore’s fit is close and snug.  For those with a higher volume foot, the EVERmore isn’t going to be a perfect match.  However, for those with a more standard foot size, the fit allows you to precisely plant your foot right where you need it on the trail.

Patagonia EVERmore Trail Runner

That natural stride is aided by a 4mm heel-to-toe offset coupled with an EVERlight soft flexing EVA midsole that has a low profile for terrain sensitivity and encourages a mid-foot strike.  And since you’ll be taking more effecient mid-foot strikes, the EVERmore features a forefoot EVA rock plate to help protect your foot from little trail gremlins.

What our team appreciated about the EVERtough outsole was the forward-facing climbing lugs in forefoot and rear-facing braking lugs in heel.  Let’s be honest, you’re not escaping the roads to run pancake terrain.  And while the outsole didn’t provide the most secure traction in technical terrain, it offered a consistently smooth ride, and performed well on climbs and descents.

Patagonia EVERmore Trail Runner

Bottom Line…
Altogether, the sum parts of the EVERmore add up to a shoe with just the right balance toughness, stability, and comfort so you can reconnect with the ground and take control on the trail.

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