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Evolution, not Revolution: The Saucony Mirage 4

posted by gumptiongear May 13, 2014 0 comments

Evolution, not Revolution: The Saucony Mirage 4

Runners can be a fickle bunch. Subtle changes to traditional favorites can mean the difference between a continuing love affair with your run shoes or a serious relationship debacle. That fine line can make the upgrade process to an already well-performing (and selling) running shoe a challenge. For Saucony and the Mirage 4, solid sustained performance comes through deliberate incremental evolution, not revolution.

On Performance and Design…
Sometimes, it’s best not to mess with a good thing. So the Mirage 4 keeps many of the design cues and characteristics of the award winning Mirage 3 in place, with just enough updates to freshen up the looks and feel of the shoe. The result is runners continue to receive all the benefits of a natural running experience with plenty of response and a touch of stability.

Evolution, not Revolution: The Saucony Mirage 4

With a 4mm offset, the next generation Mirage 4 pairs a more durable mesh in the upper with FlexFilm™ technology redesigned to be more ergonomic and breathable. The lightweight FlexFilm, welded onto the seamless mesh upper, secures and stabilizes the foot, simultaneously reducing layers to the shoe while increasing flexibility and offering slightly more room in the toebox.

Notes from the Road…
Gliding along the local byways and roads, the lightweight and supportive feel of the Mirage 4 continues in the tradition of its legendary predecessors. The roomier toebox coupled with the secured feeling of the decoupled, beveled heel cup, the Mirage 4 makes for a robust update that impressed our run team.

Evolution, not Revolution: The Saucony Mirage 4

While this latest iteration of the Mirage 4 earned high praise, our testers were slightly torn in regards to the level of firmness it offered.  The stack height of the Mirage 4 is 24mm in the heel and 20mm in the forefoot which is sufficient cushioning in today’s world of natural run design. And while it’s not terribly thick, some of our runners felt the ride was slightly firmer than the previous generation.

Bottom Line…
In an industry that often overwhelms consumers with hype and hyperbole, the Mirage 4 wins over runners with subtle design and performance enhancements worthy of its predecessors. And, at a mere $110, the latest iteration of the Mirage provides solid performance without busting your budget.

*Gumption Gear Review received the product samples featured in this review from Saucony.  The items featured were provided solely in exchange for testing the products and providing our honest views and opinions.  We received no other form of compensation for this or any related review.

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