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CamelBak Arc™ Run Belt: Recharge without losing stride

posted by gumptiongear January 17, 2013 0 comments


Through a process of trial and error, many of us have discovered that not all hydration products are equal in fit, form or performance. Some hinder our running style, others make accessing water bottles difficult, while others simply prove to be too bulky and uncomfortable over the course of longer runs.

For runners seeking a smaller, lighter, more minimalist styled hydration option, CamelBak® designed the  Arc™ Run Belt to serve as your new running sidekick.

On Design and Performance…        
The heart of the Arc™ Hydration belt series is the new Podium Arc bottle.  These bottles utilize all of the same cap features of the proven Podium® bottle collection, but configured to meet the demands of hydrating on the run.  With your choice of the Arc 1, Arc 2 and Arc 4 belt systems, in 8 or 10-ounce sizes, the CamelBak Arc Run Belt is ready to quench your thirst whether you’re blitzing a local 5k or 50k.

Shaped to fit naturally in your hand, the Arc Bottles also slide and snap easily into the Arc Hydration Belt bottle cages while on the run. The Jet Valve™ is self-sealing so you can take a quick drink from it with  minimal splashing, and never slow down or suffer through the distraction associated with some other hydration systems.

CamelBak Arc™ Run Belt: Recharge without losing stride

The sleek, low-profile and adjustable Arc Hydration Belt series offers comfortable and reliable performance. It has a breathable mesh material and convenient zippered pocket to safely stash keys, snacks, gels, or an ID card. And, the metal snap-in bottle cages won’t steal your focus when it’s time to give your body a boost.

CamelBak Arc™ Run Belt: Recharge without losing stride

For all the simplicity and beauty of running, it’s rather astounding when one considers how difficult it can be to find the right hydration belt.  The Arc Run Belt’s natural fit and feel will delight many, however there were a few notes from our run guru.  There is a slight learning curve that comes along with sliding/snapping the Arc bottle into the cage as well as removing it for a drink.  Additionally, some might find the Arc 1 to feel slightly unbalanced as it rides off the back side of the hip.  That being said,  the Arc Run Belt series is a welcome addition to an ever growing array of hydration options for runners.

Bottom Line…
Choosing the “right” hydration system has everything to do with your running style, fluid needs and comfort preferences. For runners seeking a smaller, lighter, more minimalist styled hydration option, CamelBak’s Arc™ Run Collection is worthy of your consideration.

*Gumption Gear Review received the product sample featured in this review from CamelBak.  The item featured was provided solely in exchange for testing the product and providing our honest views and opinions.  We received no other form of compensation for this or any related review.

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