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Zeal Optics: Adventure Life with Impunity

posted by gumptiongear May 1, 2012 0 comments

Sunglasses… they speak to us simultaneously, and sometimes even paradoxically, of wild rebellion, cool indifference, adventure and power, glamour and freedom.  They are as ingrained in American culture as apple pie, and are an entrenched part of our lifestyle.

Whether riding your cruiser to the coffee shop, taking a road trip to an undecided destination, or simply rushing through the daily grind, you need quality optics that protect your eyes from the powerful rays of the sun without crushing on your style.  If you’re looking for the perfect fusion of style, protection, durability and passion, then you may want to give Zeal Optics a spin.

Perhaps best known as a leader in GPS Goggles featuring real-time, in-goggle access to performance statistics, Zeal is also crafting stylish, functional and affordable optics for everyday use.  For those who may be unfamiliar with the brand, we encourage you to check out our recent Q&A session with Zeal Optics.  It will not only introduce you to the brand, but the passion that this Boulder-based company puts into every pair of sunglasses.

When Zeal Optics asked us to put their ‘Active’ and ‘Performance’ line-up of sunglasses to the test, we were more than happy to oblige.

On Performance….
If you’re like us, then there’s little doubt that you’ve dropped serious coin on sunglasses only to realize that when you head out to push the limits of adventure or leisure your eyes are still straining in the harsh daylight.

For those who have suffered through that experience, fear not.  The Zeal Optics line-up features the optical market’s newest lens technology exclusive to Zeal.  Hyperion Lens Technology™ (available with or without a glare-killing polarized coating) is intended to provide a crisp visual and rock solid eye protection.

While the razor sharp clarity of glass lenses remains king, Zeal’s Hyperion lenses smash the traditional level of clarity we’ve come to expect from a polycarbonite lense.

Perhaps even more importantly, for those living at the speed of life, these lenses go above and beyond the standard for impact resistance set by the American National Standards Institute. Aside from serving as the safety blanket for your eyes, there’s another benefit to Zeal’s Hyperion lens technology: a beautiful soft hue that relaxes the eyes and keeps you from straining even in the bright morning light.

The Hyperion lenses also filter out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC… lots of letters with the same meaning: DANGER EYES DANGER!!  So whether you’re rising with the sun for an early morning workout, or stumbling out the door into the harsh light of the sun gods’ judgement, Zeal has got you covered.

For sunnies like the Essential that feature Zeal’s polarized lenses, the polarized film that gobbles up glare is embedded between layers of Zeal’s PC/nylon blended resin.  This is accomplished during the injection process so you can rest easy knowing the polarized film is  well protected from the bumps and bruises of the daily grind.

Beyond Optics….
Since you’re wearing your stylish sunglasses while out reveling in a world beyond the cubicle, Zeal is Committed to eco-friendly practices that help keep the planet as beautiful as it appears through your Hyperion Lens technology.

ZEAL Optics crafts every frame from Z-Resin™, a bio-based plastic made from castor bean oil – derived from castor plants -instead of crude oil.  The castor plant is a near perfect resource because it’s an efficient, extremely fast-growing perennial that doesn’t compete with food crops.

Even though it’s 2012, the green movement and world of performance based products haven’t always had a stellar relationship.  So in our opinion, Zeal deserves kudos for helping prove that the phrases “eco-friendly” and “quality performance” no longer need to be at odds with one another.

Now that you know Zeal sunglasses are as good for the environment as your vision, we want to let you know the little secret of the Z-Resin™ frames.  From our perspective, Z-Resin™ makes the Zeal sunglasses a lighter product ensuring all-day comfort and wearability.  And lest you think a bio-based plastic won’t hold up under pressure, all of the Zeal frames we’ve tested have proven to be as durable as they are fashionable.

While Zeal offers a ‘Lifestyle Category’ that will keep your eyes protected with fashion forward styles, they also offer an ‘Active’ line-up for those who pursue their days with a little more gumption.

Epitomized with styles like the Zeta, Zeal’s Active line-up features nine styles for more aggressive use.  Each pair features ProFlex Rubber throughout the inside of each frame to keep them stationary when you’re not, and most have a My Fit Nosebridge feature for a custom fit.

Bottom Line…
As committed to innovation and adventure as they are to the customer, Zeal is cranking out fresh styled sunglasses that are as easy on the eyes (literally and figuratively) as they are on the wallet.  So whether you’re the rebellious type, the cool indifferent type, or the adventurer, our advice is simple: Grab some Zeal sunnies and adventure on with impunity.

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