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Oboz Beartooth BDry Hiking Boots

posted by gumptiongear August 30, 2012 0 comments

Standing at the southern end of the Cascade Range, rising above the surrounding area to an elevation of 10,457 feet, stands Mount Lassen, a volcanic peak and the principal attraction of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

This is a region cut by glaciated canyons, dotted and threaded by lakes and crystal clear streams that thunder in the background.  From massive lava pinnacles to jagged craters, Mount Lassen was the ideal location to put the Oboz Beartooth Boots to the test.  A signature boot for the Oboz brand, the Beartooth is designed to let you explore the outdoor world in comfort, getting you to any destination and back without a slip or struggle.

Built to carry big loads over long distances, the Beartooth is Oboz signature boot and for good reason.  As aesthetically pleasing as the stunning vistas you’ll encounter on your backcountry expeditions, the Beartooth is a combination of meticulous details and technical features that come together to ensure the Beartooth is more than just ruggedly handsome good looks.

From the BFit Deluxe footbeds that provide the support and comfort of aftermarket insoles to a webbing strap connecting the heel cup to the laces, eliminating heel slippage, every aspect of the shoe is crafted to provide the best fit possible.  Much like an orchestra works in balance and harmony to produce a moving experience of sound, each detail and feature of the Beartooth boot come together to produce an unrivaled performance.  It’s like a virtual symphony on the trail, if that symphony was performed by an orchestra covered in dirt and grime.

On Performance….
Lace up the Beartooth’s BFit lacing system, and it’s like shifting into four-wheel drive – which is exactly what you’ll need when testing yourself against Mount Lassen and the surrounding landscape.

Lassen National Forest holds back nothing from those who willing to confront the challenges the park has to offer.  From Butte Lake’s pine needle forest floors, to abrasive cinder sand up Cinder Cone and resilient rocky trails up Mount Lassen, the Beartooth boots were exposed to a vast array of terrain and a variety of elements.  Through it all, the BFit Deluxe footbed coupled with the 2 part dual density PU midsole ensured our field guru’s feet never felt fatigued nor suffered as much as a single blister.

Armored uppers are adorned with metal hardware for the BFit lacing system, while nubuck leather and high abrasion textile materials fend off trail hazards.  Yet when climbing a volcanic peak in the midst of California’s Summer you need more than durable materials that fend off trail hazards.  Crossing miles of volcanic sand while your internal rpm dial pushes into the red zone requires a boot that breathes but is also ready to confront the world of rivers, streams and marshes standing between you and the summit.

Towards those ends, count on Oboz BDry waterproof and breathable membrane that prevents heat and moisture build-up while blocking external moisture so your foot doesn’t get drenched.

And as the Beartooth uppers work in unison protecting your feet from Mother Nature, the Wind River outsole with non-marking carbon rubber, bites into the world below like a pitbull.  Whether climbing Mount Lassen, or packing for a week in the red rock country of southern Utah, the Wind River outsole won’t let you down.

The Critique…
When you’re field tester reports that the Beartooth is one of the best boots he’s ever worn, offering a critique can feel more like splitting hairs than offering sound criticism.  However, for those who count every ounce, it should be  noted that the Beartooth weighs in at 30.7 oz. per boot (size 9).  And while we wouldn’t categorize the Beartooth boot as light, the comfort and overall fit of the boot ensured that our reviewer never noticed the extra few ounces.

Bottom Line…
Prefer to live out of a single pack rather than a four-bedroom luxury home?  Then these waterproof and breathable Beartooth boots from Oboz provide luxury accommodations for your feet during your multi-mile adventures.

Manufactured by Oboz Footwear, the Oboz Beartooth BDry Hiking Boots are available in men’s and women’s styles and retail for $199.95.  Retailers can be found by visiting

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