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Excellence in Execution: The Hilleberg Nallo 2

posted by gumptiongear January 23, 2018 0 comments

An adventurous life in the elements isn’t luxurious by any stretch of the imagination. The air is thin, the weather is frequently foul, and your tent will be put to the test with each passing storm. Designed for both high camp and base camp, the Hilleberg Nallo 2 Tent is designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws your way while still offering all-season, all weather functionality to keep you, and your gear, dry throughout the night.

On Performance and Design…
Hilleberg family has been making some of the world’s best tents for 45 years, and the Nallo stands as a superb representation of the design, detail and performance that result from such a lengthy tradition of craftsmanship. This world class tunnel tent is excellence personified, and, at the risk of spoiling the entire review,  it’s simply one of the best tents money can buy.

There’s no shortage of tents to choose from, and yes, there are far less expensive options than the Hilleberg Nallo. But if price is your only determining factor, then you’ll be missing out on one of the best tents the outdoor industry has to offer. There’s an array of reasons that this tent deserves the consideration of any serious outdoor enthusiast. Few brands offer a more impressive blend of safety, security and comfort.

Greater strength equals greater safety. It’s that simple. The stronger the fabric on your outer tent is, the less likely it is to tear because of bad weather, rough handling, or inadvertent mistakes. And that’s the reason that Hilleberg constructs the outer tent from Kerlon 1200, a silicone coated fabric which strikes an impressive balance between strength and weight. How strong is it? Kerlon 1200 offers a minimum tear strength of 12 kg/26.5 lbs which, in layman’s terms, means you get superior weather protection, greater longevity and a virtually tear resistant tent.

In regards to comfort, the Nallo’s tunnel construction provides full sitting height closest to the front, where you need it most. Near-vertical side walls ensure a little extra shoulder room for you and your backpacking buddy. And because of the tunnel design, you are ensured an exceptional weight to space ratio, making the Nallo perfect for long distance endeavors where light weight is a greater priority than absolute strength.

As with all Hilleberg tents, the Nallo features a linked inner and outer tent construction. A hallmark of the Hilleberg design, this design offers maximum protection, allows the user to use the inner and outer tents separately, and also customize your inner tent space. And because the tunnel design extends the rear of the tent all the way to the ground, fear of wind, snow, and driving rain need not occupy your mind. Users do have the option of replacing the inner tent with a Mesh Inner tent – which does help with breathability in warmer months – but it is sold as a separate accessory.   

Let’s be honest, after a long day on the trail, none of us want to suffer the indignity and stress of a complicated set up. Pitching the Nallo is quick and easy, requiring as few as four pegs to pitch. And with a plethora of peg and guy line points, there’s still a myriad of options for increasing stability and locking down this tent for more severe weather conditions.

Notes from the Field…
After using the Nallo, we’re also absolutely certain that this tent will never succumb to the pressures of a life lived in the rugged outdoors. You see, another little truth about adventure is that it doesn’t always take the form of those picturesque, screen-saver worthy images.  Dramatic soul-inspiring moments can turn into nightmarish weather scenarios in a flash.

Maybe it’s the severe snowstorm that comes out of nowhere; the windy ridge top you get stuck on for days; or a biblical styled rain that keeps you pinned to the tiny bit of high ground your tent sits upon. Should you ever find yourself in one of those scenarios, you’ll be glad that you packed in the Nallo. Yes, it weighs a little more than some two man tents, and at approximately $735, it’s a definitive investment. That being said, the Nallo is designed to thrive in those unforeseen scenarios, and will last more than one lifetime.

Bottom Line…
High quality materials and construction, 4 season toughness and impressive stable in high winds the Hilleberg Nallo 2 is ready for any season, any objective.

*Gumption Gear Review received the items featured in this review from Hilleberg at no cost and receives no monetary compensation for this or any related review. The product sample featured was loaned to us for the purpose of a written review, and provided solely in return for honest views and opinions.

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