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An Introduction to WoolX Merino Wool

posted by gumptiongear May 26, 2015 0 comments


IMG_7849Twenty years ago wool was viewed as outdated and antiquated. An itchy reminder of what prior generations had to endure in order to get the benefits of wool clothing. But thanks to new manufacturing and processing techniques, merino wool has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as people of all stripes are discovering a new experience defined by comfort and performance.

Welcome to the WoolX World…
As our avid readers know, we’re unabashed fans of Merino Wool – and for good reason. Merino fibers regulate body heat much better than any synthetic fabric can and will keep you comfortable in a wider range of temperatures.

When it is warm, the wool transports moisture and warm air away from the skin and disperses it into the air. When it is cold, the wool traps the warm air and keeps it close to the skin. Add in merino’s natural moisture-managing, funk-fighting abilities and you have Mother Nature’s perfect product.

WoolXNow, we’ll be the first to admit that generally speaking, all Merino fabrics share many of the same benefits for which Merino wool is famous. However, that does not mean all Merino fabrics are created equal. That would be akin to saying all hiking boots are created equal, and anyone who’s spent a few miles in subpar boots knows that’s simply not true. Likewise, there’s a difference in Merino fabrics. And that’s where WoolX seeks to stand out.

Here’s what you need to know about Merino. The finer the wool, the softer it is against the skin. WoolX only utilizes wool fibers measuring 17.5 to 18.5 microns (one micron = one-thousandth of a millimeter). By way of comparison: a human hair measures approximately 50–100 microns, and the human itching threshold is 25 microns. In other words, by using Superfine Merino wool, WoolX is aiming to provide the ultimate in soft, smooth no-itch comfort.


As the merino market continues to evolve, outdoor enthusiasts find themselves in the enviable position of having an array of merino options to choose from. Each brand brings it’s own unique take to the merino space. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one brand’s merino is better than another, but WoolX is definitively different.

From the touchable Base Camp Tee to the amazing Grizzly Hooded Sweatshirt and the luxuriously soft Daily Boxers, these WoolX garments have been busy keeping us comfy cozy. From mild mornings in the Coastal Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, to a look at Mother Nature’s more untamed side on summits of the Sonoran deserts, these garments have proven their worth time and again.

The texture of the WoolX garments have a slightly more dense and rich feel than some of the other merino options we’ve tested, offering a rewarding next-to-skin feel from days on the trail to days around town. Each wash cycle results in an even more touchable experience, and the flatlock seam construction provides a smooth, ultra comfortable interior construction that doesn’t rub or chafe. As an added bonus, WoolX guarantees you can wash and dry your garments and never suffer from merino shrinkage. No more hand washing or laying your shirts out flat to dry; just wash, dry and adventure forth.

Bottom Line…
We could tell you that WoolX is the softest merino in the world, but we think you’re better off making that discovery for yourself.  The brand makes it well worth your while with their WoolX 30-Day No-Itch Guarantee. But perhaps the real story is this: With an even greater array of styles and product offerings in the works, WoolX is just getting started. And if our experience with the brand is a fair indication, the future of WoolX merino is looking bright.

*Gumption Gear Review received the product samples featured in this review from WoolX. The items featured were provided solely in exchange for testing the products and providing our honest views and opinions. We received no other form of compensation for this or any related review.

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