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Review: Cotopaxi Sueño Sleeping Bag

posted by gumptiongear June 12, 2017 0 comments

If versatility and comfort are your thing, then the Cotopaxi Sueño 15-Degree Down Sleeping Bag might just be your new bag of choice. The Sueño doesn’t just keep you warm and comfy when you’re camped out in the backcountry; it also gets the job done when you’re couch surfing your way across the Sierra in search of the perfect sunset.

On Performance and Design..

It doesn’t matter if you’re camping or backpacking, the Cotopaxi Sueño 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is ideal for a wide range of sleeping situations—from fall, spring, and summer backpacking trips to those exploits into the almost-but-not-quite-yet winter season.

For starters, the Sueño’s hydrophobic 800-fill responsibly sourced duck down insulation keeps you comfortable when the temperatures begin to dip. It will also keep you dry when a little wet weather is unavoidable. A comfort mummy fit gives you some wiggle room while you sleep, while a soft lining is reminiscent of your favorite comforter back at home base, making your sleep all the more amenable and homey.

Truth be told, the Sueño checks all of the boxes for a quality sleeping bag that deserves a favorable endorsement. But as one would expect from a brand dedicated to doing things differently, the Sueño is much more than just another prototypical “check-the-boxes” sleeping bag. And so while the 800 fill insulation is nice – it is by no means the heart of this sleeping bag. Rather, the heart of the Sueño resides within the thoughtful design details that are ready to make your nights a whole lot more comfortable than any couch, bed, or futon ever could. 

Those beneficial details begin with tactile zipper pulls that are easy to grab and smoothly direct the zippers open and closed. To avoid that overly constricted feeling, a tall toe box lets your feet assume a more natural position in the bag. When your little piggies start roasting, simply unzip the bottom end and let those hard working hogs breathe.  

Cotopaxi also designed this bag with a unique Eyelok hood adjustment that lets you lock in the warmth, or easily un-cinch the hood in warmer weather. The hood gives your gourd decent room to move around at night, but it’s the integrated pocket cleverly placed inside that you’ll truly appreciate. Stuff that sleeve with your sweater or puffy and you’ve got an instant pillow for that nighttime lift. That little pillow pocket also saves you from having to pack a dedicated pillow, which helps save pack room and cut back on weight.

Now, are you ready to pull back the curtain a little? One of the hidden ugly truths about backpacking gear is this: You spend significant coin for a product that not only has a singular function, but may just get used a handful times each year. Which is why from our perspective, one of the great benefits of the Sueño, is a design feature that allows it to be completely unfolded and used as a blanket.  

A 2-way right-side zipper is paired with a half-length zipper on the left side resulting in plenty of options for expansion. Fold down just the top section of the bag to prevent overheating on warmer nights, or completely unfold the entire bag into a lofty blanket. That added versatility makes it a perfect car camping companion, helps you stay warm when the campfire is only starting, or offers a cozy cabin creature comfort for you and your sweetie. And honestly, if you choose to fully unzip the Sueño and use it as a cape while running around camp as ‘Captain Cotopaxi’ – we’re not going to judge you.

When you consider that your purchase of the Sueño will help alleviate poverty in developing countries – no one is going to blame you for feeling a little superhero-esque. Through Cotopaxi’s “Gear For Good” program the brand is fundamentally realigning the balance that exists between profit and philanthropy. Cotopaxi links each piece of gear to a humanitarian cause in some of the poorest regions of the world. A minimum donation of 10 percent of its profit goes to one of its partner nonprofit organizations to create a sustainable impact in the community those organizations serve.

Notes from the Field…

We’ve packed this bag all over the Sierra, and with each adventure our team has continued to find more reasons to love the Sueño. Admittedly, we can hear our ultralight friends scoffing at the 2lbs and 13oz weight. And we recognize that if ultralight is your wheelhouse, then this probably isn’t going to be your bag of choice. But for the vast majority of outdoor enthusiasts, the weight offers the perfect balance of convenience and comfort. Moreover, for those whose adventures reside in that happy place somewhere between backpacking and car camping, the Sueño is hitting your sweet spot.

In terms of overall size and fit, we would prefer a little more room in the shoulder and hip section of the bag. That being said, the Sueño still provided significant levels of comfort, even for our 6’4” field tester. For those who don’t hit that sasquatchian size, we think you’ll find that the Sueño offers plenty of wiggle room to dig in and get comfy for a rewarding night’s sleep.  

Bottom Line…

The flexibility and versatility of the Sueño Sleeping bag frees you up for adventures ranging from that European hostel to your friend’s couch – but we do recommend outdoor use however. It’s just more fun that way.

*Gumption Gear Review was provided the items featured in this review from Cotopaxi at no cost and receives no monetary compensation for this or any related review. The items featured were provided solely in return for our honest views and opinions.

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