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Outdoor Tech Launches Campaign to Expand Kodiak Portable Power Line

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Anyone who uses electronic gadgets knows the daily chore of searching for a power outlet or cable to bring new life to your battery during the day. For those who live a life off the grid, the challenge is amplified because there’s no power outlet around the bend ready to save your smartphone, tablet or camera from an early quitting time in the field. Outdoor Tech is about to feed your need for power in the great beyond.

The Campaign…
The smart kids at Outdoor Technology delivered both the Turtle Shell and Big Turtle Shell – the wireless wonders that don’t mind a little rough treatment.  Now, building upon the initial success of its fully waterproof, dustproof and shockproof Kodiak 6000 portable power bank, Outdoor Tech has started a campaign on Indiegogo to help launch the Kodiak Power Bank Line. Weather-resistant and tough enough for any backcountry condition or activity, the new the Kodiak Mini 2200 and Kodiak Plus 10000 are designed to boldly go with you anywhere.20141013110314-kodiak-power-bank-blue-water

Constructed with impact-resistant silicone that protects the Kodiak power banks from drops, and featuring an IP67 dust and waterproof rating that allows the Kodiaks to be submersed up to three feet underwater for 30 minutes, these power banks are designed to quickly and easily charge a wide array of devices in any environment.

The pocket portable Kodiak Mini 2200 is perfect for that extra juice needed at the end of a long hike, a day in the mountains, or a day of airport hoping in route to your final destination. Built to provide a full charge on your smartphone of choice with 2,200mAH of the good stuff, and about the size of a Zippo lighter, the Kodiak Mini 2200 will deliver enough power to get send the text, fill your friends timelines with awesome 1980’s rock videos, or just stream music to your heart’s content.20141013110512-kodiak-power-bank-red-diner

Losing juice on your phone during a great game of Angry Birds is annoying, but for power hungry backcountry users who rely on a GPS with limited battery life to get you back to camp, or a camera to capture that last part of your documentary (aka your paycheck is on the line) is a dangerous proposition. Enter the Kodiak Plus 10000.

Capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously with its dual USB ports this monster charger can handle an array of devices from tablets, phones, POV cameras, e-readers, wireless headphones or GPS with its 2.4A output. All that in an ultra thin build that won’t burden your back, but will keep your tech devices fueled for days.

Compatible with all generations of iPhones, iPads, GoPro cameras, Samsung, LG, Amazon Fire, Nokia phones and tablets and hundreds of popular smart devices, the king of Kodiaks holds 10,000mAH of rechargeable magic.

Bottom Line…
Ready to take the power back? Check out the campaign (running through November 12, 2014) on Indiegogo and get ready to stay charged anytime, anywhere, no matter what the conditions may be.


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