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Outdoor Adaptability: Cotopaxi Inti 2

posted by gumptiongear May 23, 2017 0 comments

‘The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.’ – Kakuzo Okakura

Real life is not static. Its only rule is change, and nowhere is that truth more evident than in the midst of a life spent outdoors. The successful navigation of these moments of change is dependent upon our ability to adapt and adjust. And that’s the reason we admire the Inti 2 from Cotopaxi.

On Performance and Design…

Like most backcountry equipment, tents have become increasingly specialized. Searching for just the right one can be a daunting task, even if you know what features you’re looking for. Get it wrong, and at best you’re in for a long night – at worst you’re out several hundred dollars.

Adding to the complexity of your tent choosing task is the reality that nothing in life stays the same. Adventures change. Plans change. Families change. The result is that for the avid outdoorist, you may quickly find yourself in need of more than just one tent. A  single-person shelter for solo missions, a lightweight two-person option for overnighters with a friend, and a larger four-person unit for camping when the kids decide to join in on the fun.

Enter the Inti 2. An ultra-versatile shelter that is just as adaptable to situations as it is ever-changing plans. Simply put, it’s the most adroit system our team has ever put through the paces. The unique structure is comprised of three basic components that can be used in different combinations making the Inti scalable from a two-person to four-person tent. In short, it’s the definition of adaptability.

At the core of the tent is a standard two-person body featuring double-wall construction and a bathtub floor for protection at the ground level. The simple, lightweight body makes for an easy-packing design, so it’s a perfect one or two person backpacking tent.

Near-vertical walls provide more chill space, while dual-doors offers convenient entry/exit without having to climb over your backpacking partner. A mesh canopy not only allows you to enjoy the views you packed in for, but ensures that your mornings don’t remind you of that claustrophobic spelunking experience. The Inti also boasts a tenacious, 20D water-resistant PU backed ripstop nylon rainfly that withstands elements of all shapes and sizes.

Need a quick capacity boost? Add on the “alcove” for an additional 35.5 square feet of liveable space. The smart kids at Cotopaxi designed the alcove so that it seamlessly integrates with the tent. More than just an extended awning, the alcove features a built in floor ensuring that you’re protected from the ground up.  Weighing in at just 2.5lbs the alcove is also great for quick-and-light solo trips.

But our gumption families love this particular feature for two main reasons. First, the alcove allows the user to easily adapt this two person tent into a backwoods family fortress. This not only eliminates the need to purchase a secondary tent, but saves on your in-home gear space. Moreover, it pulls double duty as a stand alone shade structure for days at the beach or long afternoons at the kids soccer tourney.

Notes from the Field…

With impressive level of adaptability offered by the Inti 2, there’s a lot to love about this unique tent. But behind all of the innovative thought and design is the heart of a brand with a much more ambitions aim. Through Cotopaxi’s“Gear For Good” program the brand is fundamentally realigning the balance that exists between profit and philanthropy. Cotopaxi links each piece of gear to a humanitarian cause in some of the poorest regions of the world. A minimum donation of 10 percent of its profit goes to one of its partner nonprofit organizations to create a sustainable impact in the community those organizations serve.

There is one question that remains outstanding: Is the Inti 2 the best at what it does in every category? Probably not. Admittedly, we have worked with better two-person options, more spacious four-person tents, and lighter minimalists shelters. That being said, this tent has earned our confidence in each of those categories. Moreover, the reality is that you’re not going to find a singular system that incorporates all three in a more elegant or cost efficient form.

Bottom Line…

The Inti 2’s salient characteristic may be its adaptability, but it’s heart is firmly grounded in adventure and social responsibility.

*Gumption Gear Review was loaned the items featured in this review from Cotopaxi at no cost and receives no monetary compensation for this or any related review. The items featured were provided solely in return for our honest views and opinions.

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