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L.L. Bean Hikelite Sleeping Pad

posted by gumptiongear November 5, 2015 0 comments

L.L. Bean Hikelite Sleeping Pad

Adventuring through the backcountry offers an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind – a chance to relax and enjoy nature’s magnificence. But, a bad night’s sleep can put a damper on your adventure. Rather than risk a night of tossing and turning pack in with the Hikelite sleeping pad from L.L. Bean.

On Performance and Design…
In California’s Desolation Wilderness, there are no luxury hotels awaiting your arrival, no pillow top beds waiting to gently cradle your weary body. Rather, the only things that await your arrival is the solitude of mother nature and the beauty of her untamed wilderness. If you’re looking for a little bit of luxury, you’ll have to pack that in with you.

L.L. Bean Hikelite Sleeping Pad

In the world of lightweight backpacking, the less an item weighs, the fewer features it’s supposed to have. Not true with the L.L. Bean Hikelite Sleeping Pad. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find another inflatable sleeping pad with this combination of luxurious thickness, warmth and low weight. And thanks to that combination of features, you’ll be able to find a comfortable spot to camp, no matter rock and root-rutted ground that may surround you.



For those who refuse to limit their back country adventures to warm weather nights, you’ll appreciate the Hikelite’s Primaloft Infinity insulation (R-value of 3.0) that helps take the sting out of those crisp mountain nights on the trail. Inflation is made simple with the Hikelite’s locking inflation value which allows you to easily inflate the pad within minutes. The locking valve also has the benefit of allowing you to adjust the softness of the pad to your liking.

L.L. Bean Hikelite Sleeping Pad

Of course it wouldn’t be an L.L. Bean product, if you didn’t get added value for your money. As such, the Hikelite comes with its own repair kit and stuff sack.  But as we learned from nights out under the stars, the durable polyester fabric that makes up the Hikelite’s outer shell is more than capable of withstanding rough and rocky surfaces.

Bottom Line…
The L.L. Bean HikeLite Sleeping Pad ensures a good night’s rest in the crisp and clean mountain air, so you can enjoy the days of adventure that follow.

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